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Sunday, 3 March 2013

One of the problems with secure browsing is always the browser you are using. If you share a computer with your family you're probably used to seeing everyone's browser history, lists of files. If you visit them you'll get the same view, cookies and histories all being shared.
It's quite difficult to organise a surprise, buy an online gift or even just browse something without your kids following the same links the next day.
Most of the major browsers realise that there are browsers are not exactly private and have responded to this challenge. Of course you've been able to delete histories and cookies for a while but let's be honest who remembers to do this.
Chrome's Incognito mode is quite a good feature for those of us with an interest in secure browsing. It basically does all that for you, all cookies are deleted as soon as you close the session, no history is recorded.
While you are browsing in Incognito mode a little secure spy icon in the corner shows that you are protected. It's a pretty good feature as far as it goes, the protection is fairly limited though. Your browsing is still recorded at your ISP, and logged at every web site you visit also if you download any files then they will be still on your PC.
In reality it's a long, long way from secure browsing, while we still use HTTP all our traffic is transmitted (and be recorded in plain text) - security is a long way off unless you use something to encrypt and protect your connection too. But Chromes Incognito mode delivers what it promises and is another step closer to the ultimate secure browser.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Latest Google Chrome - Chrome Version 8 Beta

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The latest Google Chrome at the time I write this is Google Chrome 8.0.552.11 Beta released on October 22, 2010. It's installation file size is 23.07MB. This is a free web browser. Similar to Firefox web browser from Mozilla Foundation, Chrome is also an open source browser.
The previous version was called Google Chrome 8.0.552.5 Beta, released on October 19, 2010. It is only three days time gap after that Google decides to release the latest version of this browser. This new version fixes stability issues found within the previous version.
It seems like Google is in fast lane more than Microsoft and Mozilla. The proof is, Google Chrome web browser receives new improvements within several months.
This is the most innovative web browser so far with a passionate team behind it. According to the statistic, this browser ranks third. Internet Explorer 8 is still the popular web browser all over the world, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11 is the second, followed tightly by Google Chrome.
Someday Google Chrome will surpass Firefox in usage statistic. Right now this browser does not has much extension while Firefox has thousands of additional add-on waiting to be found, tested and used from their online databank.
Chrome's skin is simple, prefers minimalist design as it appear because it loves speed more than the beauty. However, Google prepares 94 artist theme to customize Chrome's look and feel just in case you want to try something different.
This browser has internal malware and phishing protection to make sure you are safe while browsing freely online. You will never know if a site is a suspected site, clean site or phishing site that looks normal. So, the malware protection more than ready to protect you as long as you still using this browser.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Chrome, Google's vision of the web browser of the future, has some unique features that are sure to make your browsing experience a fun one. With customizable looks, dozens of keyboard shortcuts, and an intuitive interface, Chrome users will be enjoying the eccentricities for a long time to come. Starting with the address bar...The Address Bar 
The navigation bar, where you enter the URL of a web page, serves a dual-purpose, giving users the options to type a URL or a search term. You can type a URL just like in any other browser and hit "Enter." Or type your search phrase and hit "Enter."
You also have the option of choosing what search engine to use while searching in the address URL bar.
  1. Type the name of the search engine you want to use like "Google" or "Yahoo" or even "Wiki" then a space.
  2. Type your search phrase and hit "Enter."
You can do the same thing but with search engine URLs.
  1. Type the URL of the search engine you want to use and hit "Tab."
  2. Type your search phrase and hit "Enter."

Your reliance on your mouse will begin to dwindle after a few sessions with Chrome thanks to several convenient keyboard shortcuts the Google innovators developed.
Google Shortcut Keys
Ctrl+L- To get to the address bar without clicking, just type the "Control" button and "L". This will highlight the address bar text regardless of where you were on the page before.
Ctrl+Left Arrow- This command will take the cursor to the beginning of the previous word in the address bar, so no more scrolling or selecting with a mouse!
Ctrl+Right Arrow- This command takes your cursor to the beginning of the next word in the address bar.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow- This combination of key strikes will highlight the entire previous word in the address bar text.
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow- Use this command to highlight the entire next word in the address bar text.
Ctrl+Enter- This combination automatically adds
" http://www." [http://www.] and ".com"
to your search query to take you to the web site. You could just type "microsoft" in the address bar and then hit "Ctrl" and "Enter" and "CNN" will turn into
Ctrl+Enter- This combination works differently when you hit it after typing a URL rather than a search query. Type and hit "Ctrl" and "Enter" and you the link will open in a new background tab.
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